Tips on eating Whole30 when the rest of your family isn’t?

So you’re planning on doing Whole30 but have concerns because you won’t have family support? In this blog I'm going to cover the challenges you may face by doing the program alone and how to overcome them.

I’m Whole30 Certified Coach Betsy Karr, over the years, I’ve witnessed the ways in which Whole30 has transformed the lives of my clients and hope these tips help you prepare for a successful Whole30.

1. You don't have to create different meals for everyone in your family.

A major concern I often hear from people when they’re the only ones in their household doing Whole30 is having to cook multiple meals. How should you deal with this potential problem if you’re the person that cooks for your family?

The first thing you want to do is communicate with your family, especially those in your household that are capable of cooking. Let them know how they can help and support you during the thirty days that you’ll be following the program. Additionally, if you’re the person cooking for your family, you’re in charge and while you may worry that your family won’t want to eat Whole30, you’ll be surprised that they’ll eat what you make.

Allow your family to make modifications, for example, if your Whole30 meal is a Whole30 compatible burger, allow your family to have their burger with a bun and make them  responsible for preparing it.

If you have young kids, they’ll eat whatever you give them if you don’t make a big deal over it. They don’t need to understand the rules of Whole30, and don’t have to be aware that they’re eating differently. Incorporate pasta, or any fun foods they like as a side. Also, ensure your kids are snacking throughout the day, this will keep them full and happy.


2.) Create your own pantry and fridge space. 

Creating your own fridge and pantry space will be helpful when you need to access your condiments/ food. If the things you need are easily accessible without putting your willpower to the test will make your Whole30 journey easier. While you might think creating your own space isn’t necessary, especially as you’re starting the program full of excitement and enthusiasm, you’ll find that the less your willpower is tested the better. If you have to move chocolate bars, ice cream, and alcohol out of the way when you need to get your condiments and food, it will slowly start to chip away at your strength. Preparing for those tough days ahead of time when you have strength will make your life easier.


3.) Meal Prep will be your saving grace. 

There will be days when you’re tired, don't feel like cooking, and days your family orders out. Having your meals ready will be your defense to fight temptation. You’re most vulnerable when you find yourself hungry, tired, and without ready to eat food, be prepared with your meals.


4.) Ask for help.

This might be a difficult thing for you. Asking for help doesn’t come natural for many of us but the people that love you want to help and support you, you just have to tell them how. Asking for help might be as simple as telling your family not to offer you foods while you're doing Whole30. Many people express their love through food and while your family might offer you food to show you they care, let them know that the best way to support you for thirty days is by not offering you food.

5.)Work with a Whole30 Certified Coach.

Working with a Whole30 Certified Coach helps for a number of reasons; one, you have someone keeping you accountable. When you work with a coach, you're no longer alone, you’ll have the support of a coach that can guide and help you when things get tough. When I work with clients, we communicate daily and I prepare their meal plan and shopping list based on foods they enjoy. I find that the less things my clients have to plan and prepare for, the better it is for them. If you're doing Whole30 alone and for the first time, working with a coach might be what you need as the process can be overwhelming.


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