Whole30 one-on-one Coaching:


 If you're tired of feeling trapped in your body, let's work together to get you on a course to health and happiness .

“There’s no better investment than the investment you make in yourself”

Getting Started

  • We start with a free 30-minute strategy session where we discuss your overall health goals.
  • Discuss your relationship with food and body image. 
  • Talk about your history with dieting and current eating habits.
  • Go over what you eat in a day.

After our strategy session, I will devise a plan of action to achieve your goals. I'll give you complete clarity on what you need to do to succeed at Whole30 and regain your health and confidence.

What's included?

  • Daily check-ins, talk/text/video
  • 1 week prep pre-Whole30             
  • 30 days of coaching through the Whole30 program
  • 13 days of reintroduction. 
  • Weekly shopping list- I’ll prepare your shopping list so you have one less thing to think about. 
  • Weekly meal plans customized specifically for you based on the foods you love.
  • Whole30 Welcome package. Includes Whole30 Day by Day journal. Curated resources for your Whole30 Success such a the rules, grocery lists, meal planners, tips/tricks, restaurant guides.  
  • Flexible start date

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My promise to my clients

Making a commitment to do Whole30 can be overwhelming and without support, it can be just another diet. My goal as your Whole30 Coach is to guide, motivate, educate, and help you repair your health and relationship with food. I want to empower you to break free from the toxic diet culture and discover food freedom, a sustainable way of living where you feel good in your body.