5 instagrammable places in Joshua Tree

If you’re going to Joshua tree for the first time, I'm going to show you the 5 places you need to see. It’s easy to go to Joshua Tree and not know where to stop. I’’m going to share the 5 most instagrammable places in the park and to find them.

There are three main entrances;

  • West entrance
  • South entrance 
  • North entrance

If you’re coming from LA, you’re most likely going in through the West Entrance. If you’re coming through the South Entrance, these will be in reverse order.

Stop 1: Joshua Trees 

by the west entrance. There are many Joshua Trees in the park but there’s a big concentration by the west entrance and at sunset, you’ll see a lot of influencers in the wild. I’ve witnessed a lot of cool photo shoots on my way in or out at sunset. Joshua tree is a popular destination among photographers and videographers so you might catch some cool stuff happening.

Stop 2: Skull Rock

You can find skull rock east of Jumbo Rocks campground, right off park Blvd. Usually, you can see quite a bit of cars parked along the road and if you look close enough you’ll be able to see Skull Rock from the road. If you want to hike, there’s an easy 1.7 mile hike that you can do or you can simply walk up to the rock and take photos. 

Stop 3: Arch Rock

Arch Rock is by White Tank campground. Arch rock is a 25 foot arch formed by centuries of erosion. If you find parking at White Tank campground, the trail starts at campsite number 9. However, if the parking lot is full, there’s another parking lot nearby with trail markers guiding you to arch rock.

Stop 4: Heart Rock

Heart Rock is about ½ north east of arch rock. There are no trail markers leading you to heart rock. The easiest way to find it is by heading towards the mountains north east and if you have an iPhone, open the compass, point it 32 degrees northeast and that will guide you. And as you’re walking, scan the area and you might be able to see it. 

Stop 5: Cholla Cactus Garden. You’ll be able to see this destination as you approach it.